Toyota ViRA Concept

The Japanese automaker Toyota is one of the leading Company in the World, and they have a lot of great vehicles. As we know, their models are very reliable but at the same time very affordable. However, the Toyota has one problem. They still have difficulties in attracting a younger population of customers. With the most recent Toyota ViRA Concept, they will probably solve that problem, but let’s wait for its release date. This model is sleek and sporty crossover and Toyota expect a lot of sales and a lot of satisfied customers among younger peoples. According to Toyota, this model will be some kind of combination between Yaris and the RAV4, but from the outside, we can’t see that for sure. Let’s find out something more about this model.

Images credit: Toyota

Toyota ViRA Concept

Toyota ViRA Concept

Toyota ViRA Concept Exterior design

The exterior design of the anticipated model is futuristic and attractive and everything from the outside is perfectly fitted in order to improve aggressiveness. As we know, younger population love sleek models with sporty appearance, and this model certainly has that kind of look. Although, Toyota says that this is a strange combination of RAV4 SUV and Yaris compact car, this vehicle has nothing in common with mentioned models when it comes to exterior design. Everything is so aggressive, especially front fascia of this model. The headlights are so thin and under it, we can see chrome inserts. The front grille is also very attractive and contains chrome material.

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This model will come with the three-door configuration as well as with the long wagon-like roof-line and long hood. The only similar thing with the Yaris model will be crossovers ground clearance and Yaris-like compact size. The fenders are very muscular and this model also comes with a split glass roof. The taillights will have a boomerang shape and it will be very thin. The LED technology will probably power all the lighting on the vehicle. At the sides, this concept will get the large and elegantly designed black aluminum wheels, but we don’t know its size yet.

Images credit: Toyota

Toyota ViRA Concept Interior design

Unfortunately, The Toyota didn’t release photos of the interior but if we judge by the body design, the interior should be also very futuristic and elegant. We can expect to see a wrap-around dashboard with the large touchscreen display in the center. This model will also feature a clutter-free center console, many colored combinations, a sports steering wheel with flat-bottom as well as a sport bolsters seats. Some of the other interior features will most likely include leather covered seats, Alcantara inserts, wood trim, cruise control, a lot of options for connectivity, very good and numerous safety systems, modern air condition and many others as well.

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Engine and Performance

The drivetrain of this model is still unknown. However, knowing Toyota, maybe we can expect a hybrid drivetrain with a small-displacement gasoline engine or maybe even electric engine, everything is in circulation. The electric engine seems more likely because general trend in the World and direction of car industry development. As soon as Toyota reveals some new information about the powertrain, we will update our review.


Toyota ViRA Concept – Price and Release date

The release date of the most recent Toyota ViRA Concept maybe we can expect next year, but let’s wait for some official information. Also, the same thing is with the price of this model.

Toyota ViRA Concept pictures

Images credit: Toyota

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