Toyota S-FR Racing Concept Specs

It is definite that Toyota, the leading Japanese automaker, will put the Toyota S-FR Racing Concept that was unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show into production. Though much information about the concept is still unknown, by observing that the Gazoo Racing arm of Toyota has gone to immense lengths in creating this new S-FR Racing Concept, it is fair to presume that the car will occur.

The new concept will most likely be powered by a small displacement engine to offer more power than the street version. The fact is that the new S-FR Racing Concept is an obvious spiritual heir of the 1960s Sport 800 model of Toyota, but it is yet another great thing to occur for fans of inexpensive Japanese sports coupes. It is also potentially a vital model for Toyota.

Images credit: Toyota
Toyota S-FR Racing Concept front


When the S-FR was introduced during the last part of October 2015, the most polarizing part was its gigantic, gaping grille. However, seeing it redesigned in frivolous dry carbon fiber has currently made it far more edible in the new Toyota Racing Concept.
The front part comes outfitted with an innovative huge grille with an added intake underneath the Toyota badge, a gigantic splitter and a couple of canards where the mist lights are on the street coupe.

There are other accumulations, as well, such as the canards and lip spoiler, but the major visual impact certainly comes from the vented bonnet. Regarding the wheels and their tire combination, they will be more stylish and functional. They will not be excessively big in size and they will feature center-locking and stout-sidewall Bridgestone tires.

The rear part looks aggressive, with a centrally installed exhaust pipe, a huge diffuser, a vast wing and aerodynamic winglets on both sides of the bumper. The sides were redesigned as well, with the racing design, now featuring slim mirrors and sleek side skirts. The new concept car also comes with the black colored door handles instead of body-colored handles found on the street version. It gets its fuel lid mounted on the C-pillar. Naturally, the new racing coupe will have a low ground clearance and the new concept will come with a race-spec belly pan, as well, if Gazoo Racing were serious concerning with this project.

Images credit: Toyota
Toyota S-FR Racing Concept side

In general, the Kei coupe percentages of the new S-FR Racing Concept make it appear rather strange, chiefly with that huge rear wing. However, it is the genus of look, which hints toward huge amounts of downforce and a car that would continue attached with the road.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept Interior

The Japanese auto manufacturer has not yet published the photographs of the inside styling. However, it is expected that the vehicle will supply buyers with a plethora of hints as to what the sports version will have an inside look. It is expected that the novel S-FR Racing car is likely to have a no-trash cockpit. However, the dashboard is the only interior element that has been carried over from the road-going version. The remaining interior elements, such as an even-bottom steering wheel, plain door panels, and racing seats, will be eliminated or changed with frivolous parts. The concept is also anticipated to come outfitted with a modified instrument cluster.

Images credit: Toyota
Toyota S-FR Racing Concept interior

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept Engine

Like the S-FR street version, the automaker has not yet confirmed the engine options of its S-FR Racing Concept. However, derived from its size, it is anticipated that the new vehicle comes equipped with a four-cylinder, 1.5-liter capacity engine to get the essential power of 150 horses, which is in excess of 50 horses than that of the road version. The aged race-spec manual gearbox will be changed with a six-rate gearbox. Besides, with a more influential engine, the racing concept would also come equipped with improved brake calipers and rotors and with a more athletic suspension.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept rear

Date of release and price

The Toyota S-FR Racing Concept release date was during the last part of 2015 with the base price of $ 20,000.

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Toyota S-FR Racing Concept photos

Images credit: Toyota

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