Toyota GR HV Sports Concept

Toyota is going to present the all-new Toyota GR HV Sports Concept car at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. This new coupe will be friendly to the environment and people can enjoy it as a sports car too. The design of the car is being suggestive to TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s TS050 Hybrid racing car. The Toyota Gazoo racing car also competes for the World Endurance Championship (WEC). The new concept car has a targa top whereas the matte black body color articulates power and fierceness.

The main features of the car include LED aluminum wheels, headlights and a back diffuser which is closely related to the TS050 Hybrid. The design shows Toyota’s bond with motorsports. it’s a condensed two-door with a hybrid powertrain. Capacitors were used in the TS030 and TS040 to power but in this model, there is a lithium-ion battery to power it. It is a better opportunity for Toyota to introduce the brand with some more adrenalin. There is a twin MGU-K (motor-generator unit-kinetic) unit on each axle to recover the energy gone during braking.

Images credit: Toyota
Toyota GR HV Sports Concept

Toyota GR HV Sports Concept Exterior

Only thing enough to make you surprise is its design. A set of tall LED headlights installed at the corner of the hood and around pointed slopping beak in a downward manner gives it a sporty feel. The wheels which are made of aluminum give a racer look to the Toyota Concept, while the rear lines, taillights, and diffuser also copycat the tail of the racer. Large fender flair on the front side to give it a more muscular look. The Targa roof is similar in look to Sports 800 “Yotahachi,” All official references Toyota makes to the Supra nameplate is sufficient to get us dribbling over interest in the release of a new-generation model. When seen side-by-side, the hint about the Toyota WEC competitor gets apparent. It has a bit wider, longer and taller dimensions as compared to the GT-86. The GT86 is Toyota’s only sports car it must not be surprised.
GR HV concept dimensions lenght – 4,395 mm / 173 inches; width – 1,805 mm / 71 inches; height – 1,280 mm / 50 inches.

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Images credit: Toyota

2017 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept Interior

Not only the outer look but the interior of the new Sports Concept gives a racing car-like atmosphere. There is a selection switch used to select the gear position automatically. The switch is located in the center cluster. If we make a look into the cabin, there is a tight and a low slung seating position. The steering wheel is three spoke multi-functioning and push-button automatic transmission is used by the driver for shifting the gears whenever they want. You can enjoy an H-pattern shifting (of course) with a six-speed manual style driving. There is no manual transmission and a clutch to press, but you can enjoy a driving experience similar to that with a stick shift.

Images credit: Toyota

Toyota GR HV Concept Interior

Shift lever house the start button under a cover similar in shape to a fighter jet cover it is cheap, but a precise swindle.
Generally, it resembles the GT86, but it has a lot of unique characteristics. The dashboard hosts a number of buttons located in a horizontal pattern. The touchscreen and digital gauges can be found at the back side of the steering wheels whereas the center console caters the digital performance meters.

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Safety features

Although safety belts and airbags are there to save lives, however, the concept car also features the advanced suite of safety features “Toyota Safety Sense P” to provide enhanced safety to its customers. The suite has features like the forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking which aids in avoiding you from accidents. Crash sensors connected to a computer identify a collision of the front and trigger the bags. The bags inflate in a few millisecond and then immediately start deflating. There is a VRC system that can control the wheel spin during acceleration so that the drive wheels has maximum grips. It actually helps prevent wheels from slipping sideways when cornering or rapid steering.

Images credit: Toyota


The engine of the Toyota GR HV Sports Concept 2017 is fixed in the front and bulge out entirely to the back wheels with the help of the six-speed automatic/manual transmission. The other features like power and fuel capacity etc are yet not revealed, however, it will make us happy to see a high-revving, fire-breathing, 500-horsepower 2.4-liter V-6 with 8 megajoules of electric assistance, we think something 2.0-liter 4-cylinder and the single electric motor combo can produce around 230-250 ponies. Powered by the Toyota Hybrid System-Racing which is installed from the previously developed for the Le Mans Prototype LMP1-H – the TS050 Hybrid.

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There are no official statistics regarding the power or performance so far. To get the better performance from the sports car and better weight distribution, the battery is located in the center. As the engine mounts in front and route output completely to the stern wheels by the use of the six-speed automatic/manual transmission. Noises exit from a single central exhaust.

Price and Release date

This new concept car by Toyota is going to make its public appearance at the worldwide premiere at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017, which is going to be held from 25th October to 5th November at Tokyo Big Sight.
Although rumors are spreading that Toyota is going to bring this concept car to production, however, there is no confirmed news about it. However, it happens this car might trigger the sports lover as it’s a new and unique idea.

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Toyota GR HV Sports Concept pictures

Images credit: Toyota

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