Toyota FT-4X Concept is adorable SUV

Toyota at the New York Auto Show has once again introduced a new concept vehicle with the name Toyota FT-4X Concept. It is an off-roader CUV, designed to keep the youngsters in mind, so they can go on adventure ride without any hassle. The idea was penned down at the Newport Beach in California by Toyota’s Calty Design team. If the vehicle undergoes production, then those city dwellers who like to travel to the outskirts in a macho vehicle with all the necessary equipment and enhanced accessories, the FT-4X Concept would be an ideal choice for them. Let’s have a look at its immaculate features.

Images credit: Toyota
Toyota FT-4X Concept

Toyota FT-4X Concept Exterior

The new 2017 Toyota FT-4X Concept carries rough and tough muscular look. This massive beauty is built on TNGA (Toyota’s New Global Architecture) C-Platform with an X theme highlighting at all four sides of the CUV along with a white colored flat roof. There are vertical Xs at rights and left the side of the crossover with the door handle at the center. At the front, there is a horizontal X, positioned on bottom and top of the sides’ Xs and features the exclusive TOYOTA logo.

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The LED headlamps are placed at the edge of the vertical X. The front bumper has two red hooks as anchor points. Passengers can find a number of docked hooks and storage section at the cargo bay. The cargo space can be increased while folding down the back seats. The side view mirror of the driver’s side holds a GoPro HERO5 Session camera at its back to capture any scenic beauty during the journey.

Images credit: Toyota

The tailgate is multifunctional, means you can either open it horizontally outward or like a hatchback swing it up vertically. To switch between the urban or outdoor mode, passengers can rotate the big handle mounted at the rear hatch. Below the tailgate, just like the front bumper the back bumper also houses the two red hooks for towing loads. The driver’s side possesses vertical picture window with interchangeable and removable glass. The buyers can customize the glass according to their choice.

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The rear hatch and grille also hold bold Toyota letters. The black colored wide flared fenders give a masculine appeal to the crossover. This rugged beauty is running on the 18-inch wheel housing conventional Goodyear’s All Season tires with 225/55 of the radius. The overall dimensions also show how sturdy the vehicle is, with a wheelbase of 103.9 inches its height is 63.9 inches and width is 167.3 inches.

Images credit: Toyota

Toyota FT-4X Concept Interior

The interior is as rugged and versatile as its exterior. It has all the features needed by today’s adventure-loving youngsters. The car has three sections, i.e. clean zone, wet zone and rear cargo zone. The front row seating with door sills and wood flooring along with jagged floor mats serves as a clean zone. Behind the front seats is a wet zone area with all weather floor mats. As the name suggests the passengers can dump their wet clothes and accessories.

The last zone is used for storage purpose. Passengers can slide the floor to access the underneath storage cubical. Cargo can be tied down to the rails on the load floor. The steering wheel also has bold Toyota lettering on it. The crossover caters plenty of purposes built storage space specified by blue and orange colors. Open storage is indicated with orange color whereas closed one is specified with blue color. Two separate storage boxes are presented to keep things cool and warm, inside the rear hatch, such as blankets, gloves, snacks etc.

Images credit: Toyota

Toyota FT-4X Concept SUV interior

Moreover, the armrest is a sleeping bag in actual, stored in the center console. The inside lights can be removed to be used as flashlights and the back door handle is utilized to store water as a water bottle. To cool down or dry the accessories, the glove compartment has air vents to rotate the air inside out. Window switches and USB outlets are installed in the door’s armrest. The passengers can even enjoy the music outside the CUV via handy stereo, thanks to the removable radio. On top of the instrument cluster is a socket for holding the Smartphone, so the passengers can get navigation help through the app while going off roads.

Images credit: Toyota

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Engine and Suspension

Toyota didn’t reveal anything regarding the engine of the FT-4X. It just gave provide an assumption that the CUV can have a four-cylinder small displacement engine under its hood along with all-wheel drive system. Road compatibility is maintained with a back suspension dual wishbone and MacPherson front struts.

Price and Released date

Toyota hasn’t shown any intentions to bring this concept CUV into reality, however, one can keep their fingers crossed to get an off roader vehicle with such dynamic features in future.

Toyota FT-4X Concept photos

Images credit: Toyota

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