Toyota FT-1 Concept

Toyota FT-1 Concept is a sports car concept, which was made for the public at the Motor Show in North America by Japanese giant. The concept coupe has been introduced in view of the memory of the fortieth centenary of the Calty Design Research Studio of Toyota. The idea outline of the innovative automobile has been the photocopy of the body approach in several older models; manufacturing previously to the thriving sports competition coupe principle of the automobile manufacturer during the history to the Toyota Celica, Toyota 2000GT, Toyota MR2, Toyota Supra, and the latest Scion FR-S. Also, the concept vehicle gains stimulation from the earlier sports car concept endeavor of Calty, such as the 2012 version Lexus LF-LC and the 2007 version FT-HS. We guess that FT-1 will be future Supra.

Images credit: Toyota
Toyota FT-1 Concept front

Toyota FT-1 Concept Exterior

The Toyota FT-1 comes with an arched, well-built, communicative body by means of the function-molding design lingo. Some of the external features that assist to strengthen the track–prepared nature of the new concept vehicle include the ducting, Inlets, and vents to get an improved airflow.
A retractable wing at the back deploys and leans forward to make extra downforce at higher velocities. The sporty feel of the body of the concept vehicle is articulated with tight surfaces and impressive fender forms to attract the eyes when roofed in an impenitently red color.

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The new concept comes with the engine located in its front part and its rear-wheel drive design puts the cockpit far back inside the wheelbase to perk up the weight sharing. It also assists create the proportions of the classic sports car to control even the most challenging road tracks. The side glass openings and the wraparound windshield of the cockpit are similar to the design of the renowned Toyota 2000GT.

Images credit: Toyota
Toyota FT-1 Concept side

Toyota FT-1 Concept Interior

The FT-1 Concept comes with a centered, well-designed interior. All the vital controls are mounted on the steering wheel for the convenience of the driver. The A-pillars of the friendly, low-suspended cockpit have been set far back to assist optimize cornering visualization and feeling of the intimacy of the cabin. A delta-formed display region borders and incorporates the driver to offer an exciting sense of being attached to the vehicle.

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The logic of simplicity of the cockpit inserts the thoughtfulness of the driver-centered atmosphere with an importance on frivolous elements such as the fused seat, enclosed with the correct amount of wadding in the areas that meet the driver. A color heads-up exhibit keeps the concentration of the driver on the road in front, with crucial information projected over the steering wheel within the sight of the driver.

Images credit: Toyota
Toyota FT-1 Concept interior 3


Underneath a translucent glass cover, an ambiguous engine cover hides a powertrain left to the mind’s eye of the spectator. The Toyota FT-1 Concept will be powered by a high-skill, internal combustion power plant, which will be placed beneath a glass engine hood in the front, to offer the concept better performance. Although the powertrain figures of the power unit do not come with the concept vehicle, it is expected that the new concept sports car would stand for an impartial front-engine, rear-wheel drive design, we herd it will be V8 5.0 liters engine.
For the Japanese automaker, the FT1 Concept exemplifies the potential of the novel and thrilling design assignment ahead.

Images credit: Toyota

Toyota FT-1 Concept rear 78

Toyota FT1 Concept pictures

Images credit: Toyota

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