Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept

Toyota is going to present a new fuel cell car at the Tokyo Motor Show with the name Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept. It runs on hydrogen so we expect it to be zero emissions (ZEV), only water and heat should come out from it, taking as reference the Toyota Mirai, released in the year 2015. Toyota has taken this initiative for the future development, it opens up many possibilities for further fuel cell vehicles.

Images credit: Toyota
Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept

Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept Exterior

The exterior of the Fine-Comfort Concept has a very striking minivan looks, like it just comes out of a sci-fi movie. It has a diamond shape look with curvy edges to make it aerodynamically fit. On the outside you can notice its emphasis on the back, it is wider to make more room for the back seat passengers. The look is typical of electric-powered vehicles with smooth edges and sporty design. To make it run smoothly on the road while maintaining its stability, the engineers have brilliantly utilized the underside body and wheels have been placed at the very corner of the car. It measures 4,830 mm / 190 inches in length, 1,950 mm / 78 inches wide, 1,650 mm / 65 inches height and a wheelbase of 3,450 mm / 136 inches.

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Images credit: Toyota

Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept Interior

The Toyota Fine Concept focuses on comfort, Toyota wants to warp in comfort the occupants, according to the concept “wearing comfort”, it provides with comfort features to make a smooth ride and “not simply just a ride.” As stated by Toyota’s Spokesman. The Agent Function displays are all from the inside, allowing the passengers to access the information, Toyota did not give many details so we don’t know if The Agent Function on this one will be same as in Toyota Concept i, which was introduced this year CES with all those smart-learning features. The seats can rotate and since there are no panels dividing the seats, so the passenger can easily turn the cabin into a nice conference room.

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Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept interior

Images credit: Toyota


As I said before, this vehicle runs on hydrogen, that provides a quiet and smooth ride, it can get around 1000 Km with a single hydrogen charge and can be reloaded in 3 seconds. The only problem here is that in the US are about 40 stations to recharge that kind of batteries, so maybe this concept will need a little more of time to be on the street and much more time to leave the US.

Price and Release Date

The Toyota Comfort Ride Concept is expected to be introduced at Tokyo Motor Show this year, that will take place from October 25th to November 5th. As the name shows it’s a concept car, so it not going to make its entry in the market, but hopes are high that if this new concept is appreciated by a large number of people than Toyota would definitely try to launch this in the market.

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2017 Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept photos

Images credit: Toyota

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