Toyota Crown Concept shown in Tokyo

Since 1995, the Toyota Crown is one of the automotive longest-running names. Though its no longer sold in the United States, the Toyota concept made its way at the this year’s Tokyo motor show, previewing the industry’s future flagship luxury sedan. The Toyota Crown Concept takes after the GA-L category of Toyota’s New Global Architecture, with an emphasis on engagement of the driver and stability.

Information on the luxury sedan is quite unclear but Toyota has hinted that the product category will include Data communication modules to gather information. This crown concept is believed to substitute the outgoing S210 on the market since 2012 and features a more sporty design which is gleaned from the recent Camry. This car is more curvaceous with a stylish fastback-like roofline similar to the Lexus LS.

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Toyota Crown Concept

Toyota Crown Concept Interior

Details on the interior are unclear at the moment but many anticipate the interior to feature plenty of luxury influence, different from what Avalon in the US offers. This could translate to many exciting things including premium accents, rich leather trims and definitely some technological aspects. Space is of the essence and a priority for the concept so we expect the car’s wheelbase to be approximately three inches longer than the previous version. In addition, it will have 5 seating places.

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Toyota Crown interior

Bearing comfort and style, the four-door Toyota Crown concept is expected to have a six window side profile and an automatic rear-door opener. It is also expected to have vehicle-to-vehicle networking function known as Intelligent Transport Systems otherwise known as ITS connect. This system uses a 760-MHz radio band to convey information with other equipped Toyota cars and roadside sensors. Toyota further improves driver functionality and safety by warning the driver of collisions when taking a turn across a lane of oncoming traffic.

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Toyota Crown Concept Exterior

Its exterior is presumably predictable. It is expected to be slightly longer than its predecessor by inches(1 inch to be exact) with a longer wheelbase to compliment it. The extra length could possibly offer space for the interior space for passengers with an extra trunk allowance as well. A larger wheelbase would translate to a larger sporty wheel.

The front section features the crown’s undoubtedly Lexus-like front end by headlights with its unique brand at the center. The sedan is a bit wider, especially new arches, and sharper body lines. The tail lights are believed to be similar to the BMW 3 series.

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Dimensions: Length 193-inches (4,910 mm), Width 70.8-inches (1,800mm), Height 57.3-inches (1,455mm), and Wheelbase 115-inches (2,920mm).


Toyota will most likely get the same engine as the 14th-generation design released in 2015. Possibly with some adjustments, this powertrain will pull more strength. If that happens, the luxury could see a 3.5-liter naturally drawn V-6. This kind of engine is currently used by Lexus LS 350 with a 318 horsepower. All the same, the system builds a total output of 354 horsepower.


Toyota’s aim is seen as marketing the crown to be a worthy challenger to Europe’s comfy sedans. The vehicle is expected to be produced in 2018 and interestingly, Toyota transported the model all the way to Nurburgring to conduct a test. This reveals the Japanese automaker is dedicated to making it the best version of the crown.

Toyota Crown Concept photos

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