Toyota concept-i Ride

Sources from the Japanese automakers Toyota have confirmed that has geared up to begin testing the new AI technology through its Concept-I Ride and Concept-I. This stylish Toyota concept-i Ride made was unleashed recently during the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show months after the much larger Concept-I was unveiled in the US at the CES electronics fair.

The Concept has sensors that are capable to detect the driver’s mood and alertness. Amazingly, the sensors also analyze the user’s activity on social media to gather and understand their lifestyle and preferences. It is regarded as more urban-focused and manufactured for mobility.

Images credit: Toyota
Toyota concept-i Ride

Concept-i Ride Interior

When it comes to technology advancement and driver assistance, the Japanese automakers come in handy to deliver the very best. Shota Ando from Toyota’s Future Product Department confirmed during Toyota’s pre-Tokyo show that the properties of the technology are set to begin testing before the decade ends.

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The Concept-i RIDE is controlled by a pair of joysticks scaled at the back of the seat armrests. It’s half a foot longer compared to the Nissan New mobility concept. The Concept-I ride is fully drivable with automated parking and a self-parking valet profile. Being an electric vehicle, the Japanese automakers revealed that it can be used for up to 20 kilometers before recharging it.

Interestingly the Concept-I engages the user in conversations, records them with GPS tags and then uploads the information to a data cloud. It also communicates with the user and the road users(pedestrians) through a system of projection and graphics offering detection of collision and enabling avoidance technology.

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Concept-i Ride is a fully electric two-seater vehicle. When opening the door, the electrically operated seat automatically slides your way which makes it efficient for anyone using a wheelchair to get in. The rear seat has enough space to keep the wheelchair folded.

Images credit: Toyota

Toyota concept-i Ride interior

Toyota concept-i Ride Exterior

The Concept-i ride might be one of the smallest vehicles that feature airplane swing doors used to give an easier wheelchair access in the vehicle which make the concept have an appealing feature. It also has an overall length estimated to be 2.5 m / 8.1 foot and 1.3 m / 4.1 foot wide, with a small turning radius than its overall length. The wheelbase measures about 1.8 m / 5.9 foot slightly the same size as the Concept-i.


The engine has a powertrain Ev with a cruising range of 100 to 150 km. Being an EV, the concept-i ride has an estimated range of 62 to 93 miles.

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The Toyota Concept-i ride has been specifically modified to create comfort and this time, the concept-i was advanced to cater for the people who use foldable wheelchairs which makes it fit for any controls. The advancement of technology such as the Al agent has made it easier to provide information and enhance outings has come a long way to user efficiency.

Images credit: Toyota

The vehicle has been described as a mobility vehicle which considers universality based on the urban user-friendly mobility concept. By 2020, Toyota will test some of these features and without a doubt, the vehicle provides safety and efficiency with its design and efficiency.

Toyota concept-i Ride photos

Images credit: Toyota

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