Toyota concept-i is car from the future

The most recent concept car from Toyota Company with the name Toyota concept-i is unveiled at the CE Show in Las Vegas (Consumer Electronics). At the first glance, you will probably think that you look in some kind of flying car that we used to see in movies where the action of happenings is in the 2088 year. But no, this isn’t model for 2088, but this model will be released in the near future. According to Company, this model is their vision of the possible development of auto industry in 2030. Probably most of the people will love to drive this kind of vehicle now, at least to see it, but unfortunately, they will have to wait at least 13 years.

Images credit: Toyota
Toyota concept-i

Toyota concept-i Exterior design

The exterior design of this model will be definitely different compared to the present models. Maybe we sometimes say that for example, some models for 2017 or 2018 looks futuristic, but when we saw this model, we just have to admit that this one is the real deal. Someone from the Company says that this is actually Siri on the wheels, and only that fact showed us how modern this model is. The front grille is…oh, where is the front grille? Yes, we can’t see front grille, because this model actually doesn’t have the front grille. The front side of this model looks like the one really big bumper. However, we can see some openings down low, and we hope so that those openings are predicted for fog lights.

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Images credit: Toyota

The profile side looks quite amazing and the rear wheels are covered with something. We say something because we actually don’t know which materials this is. The first thing you see is amazing design and almost invisible doors with gullwing style opening. We assume that the doors will be controlled with the button on the key probably. The rear tires are covered, but we can see the front ones. At the first glance, we assume that the size of the wheels up front will be at least 20-inches. There are no visible headlights as well, but when on, we can see just silhouette of the lights embedded in the body of the vehicle. Usually, the newest models use LED technology, but who knows which system this model will use.

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Images credit: Toyota

Toyota concept-i Interior design

The interior design of this model will be so weird, more like some spaceship than the car. This is the first time that we see the cabin like this, and we actually don’t know how to describe you in the best way. We notice that the steering wheel will have Toyota emblem in the middle and that will be inspired by F1. At least it will look very similar. Also, we can anticipate so many systems inside, and according to Toyota, all systems inside will be actually very warm, welcoming, and fun. Probably you wonder how the system can be fun? Answer from Toyota is that we need to have a more immersive relationship with our vehicles. What does that mean? That means that instead of usually buttons and touch screens, the Toyota Company will introduce intelligence (AI) agent with the “Yui” nickname, and you will be actually able to interact with him. Also, this model will be designed for both autonomous and piloted driving. The Yui will be actually very similar to the Siri system, but this one will be certainly more complex.

Images credit: Toyota

Toyota concept-i interior

Engine and Performance

Under the hood…wait for a second, where is the hood of this model? There is no standard hood actually. Also, we don’t know which powertrain this model will use. There is no any information about that, but it is still too early, right? If we have to assume, we would say that we can expect pure electric power, with the range 100x more than in the present pure electric models.

Price and Release date

The release date of this model is unknown yet, but Company says that this is its vision for the 2030 year. Also, the price is a complete mystery.

Images credit: Toyota

2017 Toyota concept-i Photos

Images credit: Toyota

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