Lexus UX concept

Lexus, the luxury automobile division of Toyota, the leading auto manufacturers in Japan, is unveiled it’s new UX concept at the 2016 Auto Show in Paris. This concept crossover will be constructed at the European Design Centre of Lexus and it is designed with the intention of drawing more buyers who are living in urban areas. It is equipped with the creative techniques to make a plunging driver experience. On the other hand, the interior of the concept combines conventional artisanship with groundbreaking mechanized systems.

Overall, the new Lexus UX concept offers an additional allusion of the impending for the design approach of Lexus to fulfill those norms. The look of a progressive, physically powerful yet creative, and quality product will additionally enhance the matchless and demanding product position of Lexus.

Images credit: Toyota

Lexus UX concept front

UX concept front

Lexus UX concept Exterior

When comes to the external design, the 2019 UX concept gets sharp angles, extending from its prominent and stylish front grille to the headlamps down its fenders to the tail lamps. The orangery kicks up penetratingly at the rear of the back door in the direction of its D-pillar. Unlike conventional all-wheel-drive models, the new concept vehicle comes with a driving position, similar to that of a coupe and with a low ground clearance.

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While observing the top of the concept SUV, it features front and back pillars structure an X-shaped spine. The roof bars, wheel arcs, and door cameras highlight the inside-out design. The new concept vehicle comes with an elongated hood that offers it a more athletic and futuristic silhouette by combing with the transparent raked A-pillars, which have an aluminum element that holds the polycarbonate fins.

Instead of the usual silver paint found in the earlier vehicles, the lines of the new concept are highlighted by an inspiring Amethyst colored paint. Lexus has chosen this color to attenuate the volume changes, offering sharpness to the statuette and expressing the crossover as a volume, instead of just a line-focused design.

Images credit: Toyota

Lexus UX concept Interior

For the first time, the interior of the futuristic crossover is designed according to the Kinetic Seat Concept. The 2019 Lexus UX concept cabin comes with a dark color finished cockpit to get a premium touch. Also, the couch-like seats at the back are offered with a light color finish to offer a more friendly space.

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The spaceship interior design of the new concept vehicle is pooled with creative, advanced technologies to offer its inhabitants a completely immersive ride experience. All committed Human Machine Interface technologies have been intended to offer progressive buyers a pioneering, 3-D driver experience, who exist and work in an ever linked setting.

Images credit: Toyota

2016 Lexus UX concept Interior

2016 Lexus UX concept Interior

Some of the other notable inside features of the new concept include an ergonomic design, a 3-D look and comfortable, quality upholstered seats for four adults. The fenders of the vehicle are designed to flow within the cabin to make the electronic-mirror display housings to show pictures from the back cameras. This eliminating the necessity for traditional side view mirrors to assist drivers to watch around the SUV. The dashboard in the cabin is bordered by the lower screens, which continues at the back as the framework runs inside to shape the second row-seat headrests.

Images credit: Toyota


As the new UX concept from Lexus is a design and research study, the automaker keeps secret about its engine options. If a production edition of the new concept is permitted, buyers may anticipate it to travel on the new global structural design of Toyota, and the vehicle could get a hybrid engine.

Lexus UX concept Pictures

Images credit: Toyota

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