2021 Toyota Yaris and GRMN Spied

The hotter and sexier version of the previous GRMN hot hatch with “regular” Yaris is perhaps going to arrive in the market soon. Though there is no official information from Toyota the rumor mills are going overboard with the news that the 2021 Toyota Yaris hatchback is ready to hit the roads sooner than later. Let us try and guess as to what the lovers of Yaris/Yaris GRMN can expect from this new model.

2021 Toyota Yaris

2021 Toyota Yaris Redesign, Exterior

The exterior of the GRMN will most likely be a big takeaway and will not be like any other supermini series launched. Though the size of the body might be the same as that of the older models, the wheels might see a change. It might be pushed out to the corner, and also might have fenders that are a bit flared out. However, the rest of the bodywork might continue to remain the same because as far as Europe and the USA are concerned, the old body model still continues to be quite popular.

2021 Toyota Yaris

New 2021 Toyota Yaris testing at the Nurburgring

New Toyota Yaris 2021 Interior

As far as the interiors are concerned, the 2021 Yaris might feature a dark and stunning looking dashboard. Further, the Alcantara bucket seats are simply gorgeous and they could be one of the most noticeable changes in this new Toyota Yaris version. The steering wheel could be a straight lift from the old model and there are a few who feel it could have some problem with regard to ergonomics.

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Two versions of engines might be available, the 1.2-liter turbo and the hybrid version of 1.5 liters. The CVT comes as an option. This will certainly match very well with the two different body styles for the hybrid and fuel versions. All other features like mileage, HP and other things will mostly remain the same.

2021 Toyota Yaris

Price & Launch Date

It is expected to be priced at around $27,500 and the latest Toyota Yaris GRMN should be in the market sometime during early 2020 or the 1st half of 2020.

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2021 Toyota Yaris spy shots

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