2020 Toyota Tundra

The arrival of new 2020 Toyota Tundra is being looked at from close quarters with quite a bit of expectation. However, not much is known about the truck and hence we will have to share information based on the various next-gen Tundra inputs. There have quite a few things exciting to mention as far as this variant from Toyota is concerned.

2020 Toyota Tundra

Engine Powertrain

In all probabilities, the 2020 Tundra might come up with a classic V8 and one twin-turbo V-6 engines. This, according to some experts would be built to suit the specific needs and requirements of a truck. It might be on the same lines as the Lexus LS500. The transmission details are still not available, but it is believed that it could be modern and contemporary and could have around eight speeds and perhaps even more. Though nothing much is known about the other technical details pertaining to the engine, it is expected to give around 30 MPG in highways and this certainly is good news, to say the least.

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Toyota Tundra 2020 Interior

The interior is expected to be stunning with the black leather seats and the steering wheel could be a good takeaway. It will quite a few controls and the dashboard will have amongst other things a highly reliable and powerful infotainment system. The leg space in the front seats is expected to be quite generous and the same is the case the rear seats.

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2020 Toyota Tundra Redesign, Exterior

The rear wheel according to grapevine reports could be a big takeaway. This is because it could be a wheel that will have the best of real-time and also torque-sensing. These are basically used for towing and therefore it could be suitable for mountainous conditions. The LED headlights and also the halogen headlights would be considered pleasant surprises.

Price And Launch Date

The car has made a short debut in the Chicago auto show. The release date could be some time during the last week of 2019. The price again is in wraps but guesswork could mention that it could come with a price tag of around $52,000.

2020 Toyota Tundra photos

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