2020 Lexus LS 500 Inspiration Series

If the color has the ability to impact and shape emotions at first sight, then there are reasons to believe that the 2020 Lexus LS 500 Inspiration series could have quite a few things to offer. The upcoming inspiration series from Lexus offers an insight into the power of color. It is a limited production offer that will have a wonderful combination of interior and exteriors. All these would certainly go a long way in giving this new series an unforgettable and unique visual experience.

2020 Lexus LS 500 Inspiration Series

2020 Lexus LS 500 Inspiration Series Exterior

This is a fourth inspiration series from the house of Lexus and the LS500 has some exclusive features. It all starts with a unique exterior color choice that is new. The deep garnet (a metallic shade of red) is just stunning and it literally shimmers in the bright sunlight. The wheels help to complement the body of the vehicle with its 20-inch size, having a Black Vapor Chrome finish. The wheels also shimmer in the sunlight but at the same time the polished. They also look quite polished in the shade and that does go a long way in increasing the overall appearance of the LS500 2020 Lexus variant.

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Lexus LS 500 Inspiration Series 2020 Interior

The interior also has glamour written all over the cabin. The white leather trim that makes up the seats, the door panels and center console are simply gorgeous. Furthermore, the leather is of special semi-aniline makes where a special dyeing process is used. This helps in giving a bright and wonderful white color. The dashboard lighting and puddle lamps are also a few more things worth mentioning as far as the interiors are concerned.

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2020 Lexus LS 500 Inspiration Series Interior


As is the case with all LS 500 series, the 2020 version will most probably be powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine. Sedan will have twin turbochargers and will be able to generate a handsome 416 horsepower with 442 lb-feet of torque. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds and therefore it is smooth power and energy all the way.

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Launch Date And Price

There will just 300 units coming out of the factories of Lexus and it will be on sale during the fall of 2019. The price is a closely guarded secret because of the limited versions and even grapevine is not willing to hazard a guess.

2020 Lexus LS 500 Inspiration photos

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