2019 Toyota Prius TRD

There is quite a bit of excitement and grapevine rumors and talks about the upcoming launch of 2019 Toyota Prius TRD. It is quite obvious that any new launch from the house of Toyota will be looked at with keen interest. Therefore, this new upcoming edition of Toyota Prius TRD also will have many ready to do some research and find out what exactly it offers. We are happy to share some bits of useful information which are based on inside information. There is nothing concrete about what this new Prius TRD will offer when it finally is launched.

2019 Toyota Prius TRD

2019 Toyota Prius TRD Exteriors

There is no doubt that the exteriors are the main attraction for any new launch and the 2019 Toyota Prius TRD is also no exception. It is believed that it will come with a toned down front fascia. Further, the rear end might also see some revision. Furthermore, it would most certainly have new lights and bumper. The new rear lights will have a busier and glossy looking design when compared to the old units. This is expected to give a new and distinctive look to the Toyota Prius TRD when it is looked at from the rear. Further, it would most probably have standard 15-inch rims. This will have a more restrained look. Apart from the above, there may not be any big changed as far as the exterior including the rear fascia.

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New Toyota Prius TRD 2019 Interiors

The interiors might have something exciting and new to offer. According to reports emanating from the grapevine, it will most probably have an 11.6-inch infotainment screen. Further, the revised steering wheel design might also be a talking point as and when the car is up for sale in the market. It will continue to be good enough for four as far as the third rear is concerned. However, it might be comfortable only for those who are below average in height. Apart from the above, there may not be much of a change to the interiors. The dashboard screen will most probably have two sections to it.

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The upper part of the screen would have the speedometer and information pertaining to the hybrid system. On the other hand, the infotainment screen will be situated in the lower part of the screen. This will deal with navigation and other such pieces of information. The interior is expected to be quite futuristic and in tandem with the aesthetics as far as the exteriors are concerned.

Engine And Drive Terrain

The 2019 Prius TRD will most certainly be using a 1.8 Liter engine with a combination of the electric motor for the hybrid versions. It will be able to generate around 120 ponies. In addition, the hatch has an all wheel drive model which is impressive but does take away efficiency of mileage by a few notches. Also, it’s likely to have an efficient CVT (continuously variable transmission). However, the noise levels when the vehicle is on acceleration mode needs to be checked out. This could be an issue because it uses the CVT mode throughout. It could offer around 56 mpg (highways and city traffic averaged).

Pricing And Launch Date

The Toyota Prius will have a price of around $23,475 for the base model in the USA. The front-wheel-drive model is likely to come with a price tag of around $30,500.

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The exact launch date is not clear but it is expected to be in the market during the end of the first quarter of 2019.

2019 Toyota Prius TRD photos

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