2019 Toyota LQ Concept

Toyota is going to showcase a new concept car in the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show at the ‘Future Expo’ exhibition. The new futuristic electric car 2019 Toyota LQ Concept is basically the evolution of the ‘Concept i’ car that was presented the first time in 2017. So, what’s new in the upcoming concept car? Well according to Toyota the vehicle will be using an artificial intelligence system ‘Yui’ technology to connect and build an emotional connection with the driver. The concept vehicle will have the capability to provide opportunities and personalized experience according to its driver’s needs.

2019 Toyota LQ Concept

New Toyota LQ Concept 2019 Interior

The interior of the upcoming Toyota Concept LQ hosts various technologies that customers are going to witness in the later models by the Company. Also, the cabin looks quite different than the ‘Concept i’ car, with more realistic designs, conventional steering wheel and instrument panel. Organic LEDs have been used to display the meters and dashboard. The instrument panel is easily accessible with its driver-centric design. It also features Augmented Reality Head-up Display through which the driver can view the information in three-dimensional ways on the windshield instead of the small touchscreen.

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Moreover, drivers can choose the automated or manual driving mode and it can be indicated through different colors lighting incorporated in the cabin. The roof and floor area of the car help to exchange information between the passenger and the car while serving as a communication portal. The seating system also shows some advance up-gradation, the seats have in-seat air conditioning and inflatable air bladders system which inflates and deflates the seats to provide comfort to the passengers as per the driving mode and condition.

2019 Toyota LQ Concept Interior

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2019 Toyota LQ Concept Exterior

The exterior of the new 2019 LQ Concept is quite similar to ‘Concept I’ car, however, it is more refined and has sharp features. From the photos, we can see the overall look is too futuristic and the rear wheel is completely covered by a teardrop shape panel. Also, the glass doors are brilliantly utilized to create a connection between the sleek interior and the bold exterior. Being a concept car it brings forth features that you can expect in future cars is the catalyst coating on the exterior. As the car moves this coating on the radiator fan is suppose to putrefy the ozone into oxygen.

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Furthermore, as per the measures, in an hour’s drive from one thousand liters of air, sixty percent of ozone can be decomposed. Another most noticeable feature is the incorporation of the Digital Micromirror Device in the headlights. The DMD helps to communicate and project the outer conditions like roads and pedestrian information by stimulating the numerous small implanted mirrors.


Toyota instead of using any gas or hybrid power output has now utilized an electric powertrain. However, the statistics of the engine are still not confirmed. Being a concept car, one should expect an electrical setup with great mileage and less toxic emission. It is also upgraded with an automated driving utility which is equal to the forth SAE level.

Advanced Technologies, AI and more

Yui – The Artificial Intelligence System. ‘Yui’! yes that’s the name of your driving companion. It is basically an artificial intelligence assistant which is designed to bring forth the real-time information to the passengers according to their choices. At the same time based on the alertness and emotional state of driver it also gives them the required mobility experience. It also utilizes voice communication for interactive connection and also plays music while identifying your driving situation.

Automated Valet Parking

Being a car that is emotionally connected to its passengers, it has also taken care of people with mobility issues (old people, infants, disabled persons etc) while providing an automated valet parking facility. The system uses sonar, radar, and various cameras along with parking lot cameras to identify the vehicle’s current location and then automatically drives the car from the drop-off area to the allocated parking spot in the parking lot. The system also stops the car if it detects any pedestrian or vehicle on the automated driving path.

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Price and Release date

2019 Toyota LQ Concept is a concept car and it is still in its prototype phase, so it is not going to hit the production line for a couple of years. However, you might be getting some of the LQ’s interactive features in future vehicles.

2019 Toyota LQ Concept photos

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