2019 Toyota Aygo, small and handsome

The Aygo model from Toyota was launched in 2014 and it has gone on to become one of the successful products in the market. The new 2019 Toyota Aygo is a compact hatchback car that will be revealed to the world during the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. This car has a reinforced youthful and exclusive image, improved performance, and unique handling attributes that are meant to strengthen further its position in the very competitive A-segment.

Image credit: Toyota
2019 Toyota Aygo

2019 Toyota Aygo Changes, Exterior

There is a significant change in the exterior design of the 2019 Aygo. The car now has a simple but immense front end with huge front lights and trapezoidal plastic gridded grille. A LED line has been placed at the edge of the grille to give this car a fascinating resolution. Fog lights have been included below the grille. The rear end retains its small stature but now has a rounded shape that gives it a classic look. The rear lights have been updated together with its chromatic details. The round finishing has been made possible with the sloping roof and the flat rear window.


A thin spoiler has been included on the top to decorate and protect this car. The iconic Toyota Aygo frontal ‘X’ signature from previous models was a two-dimensional graphic. The new car comes with a transformed 3D frontal signature which is now more powerful. The new design integrates Keen Look headlamp clusters that enhances the conspicuous look of this car. The 3D design complements the redesigned outer lenses to give the car a visual connection between the front and the rear. This creates an increased dynamism and a feeling of forwarding movement.

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The lamp ornamentation for this car will be available in various colors. They include Silver, Black, and Glossy Black. The standard colors expected for this car’s exterior are magenta, blue, black sand pearl, magnetic gray metallic, classic silver metallic, blue eclipse metallic, super white, and ruby flare pearl. There are also the new LED-DRL lights that will make this model easily recognizable. The 15-inch aluminum wheels further strengthen the premium look of this car.

Image credit: Toyota

Toyota Aygo 2019 Interior

The 2019 Toyota Aygo interior looks simple and small but has everything you need for this car. The devices on the dashboard have been upgraded to include a 7-inch touch display and a combo meter graphics feature. The touch display comes with online connectivity and special mirror links. The high-end trims will have leather seats and a little more functions than its predecessors.

The cabin room is reasonable enough to accommodate five passengers. The combo meter feature gives you a new color illumination and more 3D effect. New seat fabrics and more premium colors such as Piano Black and Quartz Grey have been embraced. Now steering wheel has the latest software, which increases the fun of driving this car.


2019 Toyota Aygo interior

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Some of the interior changes have made it possible for the car to react quickly and respond promptly to the driver inputs. There is a large plate at the center console of the dashboard to enable easier operation of the car. The trunk is able to accommodate 168 liters of the load. For an enjoyable urban driving experience, there is a USB connector for playing your favorite music. The rear headroom is limited due to the sloping roof but the front headroom is sufficient enough to comfortably accommodate tall adults.

Image credit: Toyota


The new Toyota Aygo 2019 is expected one engine option (before there were two). It is the DOHC, VVT-i 1-liter 3-cylinder engine. The mpg ratings for the city driving is expected to be 47 while that of the highway is 65. Some of the improvements include dual fuel injector system, better compression ratio, and balance shaft, also an exhaust gas goes in the circle again, over new recirculation system. At 6,000 rpm, this car’s engine will be able to develop 53 kW / 71 hp. A torque of 93 Nm will be generated at 4,400 rpm.

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The car will come in standard and Eco versions. The Eco version will have an elongated 4th and 5th gear, start & stop system, low RRC (rolling resistance coefficient) tires, and aerodynamic improvements. The suspension settings have also been changed to complement the enhanced engine performance. This car should be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 13.8 seconds. A five-speed automatic gear transmission will be used. Its 998 cc DOHC, VVT-i engine is Euro 6.2 compliant and has lower gas emissions.

2019 Toyota Aygo

Price and release date

This small and charming car comes at an affordable price that is within reach of most buyers. The car is expected in the market by mid-2018. The price for the standard version is expected to be in the region of $12,600 while that of the Eco version is expected to be slightly over $14,000.

2019 Toyota Aygo photos

Image credit: Toyota

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