2019 Lexus LC F Rumors

There have been reports that Lexus is planning to introduce a new LC F couple in 2019. The 2019 Lexus LC F started way back in February 2017 when Lexus is believed to have registered the LC F logo. This car is expected to compete at the same level with the likes of Nissan GT-R Nismo, S550 Cabriolet, Mercedes AMG-GT, and BMW M6.

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2019 Lexus LC F

2019 Lexus LC F spied?

2019 Lexus LC F Changes, Exterior

Building on the recent developments in the RC and RC F models, it is easy to figure out how Lexus is likely to shape the exterior design of the 2019 LC F model. This hot coupe is expected to get refreshed front fascia having a splitter at the base of the spindle grille and larger intakes below the headlamps.

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Some of the exterior changes include the larger side skirts, beefier front fenders, larger intakes for its rear brakes, and new vents between the door and the front wheels. New multi-scope rollers which are relatively lighter are expected to replace the regular wheel. These rollers are expected to protect the calipers and brake rotors.

The “F” badges will be included on the rear fascia and the front fenders. The shape and the size of this car are expected to remain the same as its predecessors but a new body kit will make it more aggressive. A blacked-out trim is expected to replace the chrome construction.

Lexus LC F 2019 Interior

The interior design will borrow heavily from a standard Lexus car but will be fitted with new adornment and sportier features. Some of the features to look out for include race-inspired seats, a fused foaming construction, bespoke instrument cluster, and flat-bottom steering wheel. It could retain the use of leather and Alcantara for its interior components. The car should have more carbon fiber and aluminum inserts in its door panels and center console.

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The infotainment system for this car will be more customized to make it better. The cabin will have different upholstery options to enhance its sportiness. A black dashboard similar to one of the LFA model is expected. The 2019 Lexus LC F interior finishes are expected to be of brighter colors like blue, red and white. One thing that is clear is that the interior will be quite luxurious.

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The new Lexus LCF will most likely be powered by a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine that is able to generate a horsepower of over 600 (some rumors suggest 612 ho or 630 hp). This is engine is expected to produce 33kW / 44 hp above the one offered by a Mercedes-AMG model.

The previous LC 500 could move from 0 to 60 mph in about 4.4 seconds and achieve high speeds of 168 mph. The V8 engine for the LC F model is expected to achieve even better results considering the 7 percent reduction in its body weight.

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The torque capabilities are expected to cross from 450-470 lb-ft mark. For optimum performance, a quicker gear transmission system is expected. The automatic 10-speed gearbox is likely to be abandoned for a more sportier dual-clutch system.

Price and release date

Even though this vehicle is yet to see the roads, it is believed that its road testing will begin towards the end of 2018. The 2019 LC F car will most likely hit the market sometime in 2019. The capabilities of this car put its price somewhere in the region of $150,000. Markets outside the U.S may see this car retailing at a price of $180,000.

2019 Lexus LC F photos

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