2018 Toyota Prius TRD

Toyota is always used to of experimenting with its vehicles. After successful years and generations of Toyota Prius the company has now tried to add a TRD variant to its hybrid Prius C. If you are amongst one of those who are eager to know how Toyota is going to add a TRD version to its hybrid vehicle lineup Toyota Prius, which meagerly produces 99 horsepower where as TRD variant needs to have a ravishing power output, then here is the answer to all your queries. The new generation’s 2018 Toyota Prius TRD is built on a platform that has a lot of room for development. So, while tweaking the suspension and utilizing the Toyota’s Global Architecture Program skinned under the new Prius, Toyota can get the desired result. Let’s have look at the changes Toyota made to bring out the TRD version of the Prius.

2018 Toyota Prius TRD

Toyota Prius TRD 2018 Interior

As per the news, there are not going to be lots of changes in the cabin of 2018 Prius TRD, it will have quite a similar look of the Toyota Prius C. We are anticipated to see the same dashboard and center console layout along with a 7 inches infotainment touchscreen. Large infotainment screen to display various functions will be optional. For displaying features likes speed, time, charging and gear selection. A 4.2-inch digital instrument cluster will be installed atop of the infotainment touchscreen. Multi functional 3 spoke leather wrapped steering wheel with TRD badge will add more value to the cabin.

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A number of trims will be available for selection including the brushed metal or carbon fiber trims with seats and door panels upholstered in blacks and grays along with a touch of silver ascent. The passengers will enjoy the music on an audio system with six speakers and those who need something extra can opt for a subwoofer and additional speakers. The Little extra can be paid out to get upgraded packages.

2018 Toyota Prius TRD Exterior

Just like the interior the exterior of the new Toyota Prius TRD 2018 does not much different than the C model. The styling added the number of creases, lines, and cuts to the 2016’s Prius model which was the fourth generation of Prius. So, for the TRD variant, the look has been enhanced and it comes with same body styling along with hatchback rear and bubbled roofline. The taillights and slim headlights are horizontal in shape.

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The creases and indentation give the new Prius TRD an aerodynamic look with the front end in the form of like X, and a long splitter placed below the lower crease of the bumper. Rear apron and side skirts have been extended to further furnish the aerodynamic look. For giving a muscular look to TRD version a red stripe is added to the front fascia and the side mirrors. Along with the C Pillar satin black finish is given to the roof making it different than the standard Prius model. Plus the hybrid logos are replaced by TRD badges. To complete its look, it will get multi spoke designed, black finished light weighted aluminum wheels. The new hybrid is expected to get bigger size wheels as compared to the standard model.


So here comes the big question that what is Toyota going to install under the hood of the 2018 Toyota Prius TRD to make it generate enough output. Prius was not meant for those who love speed driving, even it was for those who need fuel efficient car. Prius was running through a 1.8-liter four-cylinder internal combustion engine along with an 8.8-kWh plug-in lithium-ion battery which used to generate an output of 121 horsepower which allows the Prius to cover 60 mph in 10.5 seconds. To be realistic we cannot expect Toyota to power it with a V8 or something like that as it has to be hybrid too. So, we can expect a re-tweaked hybrid system paired with a 2.5 liter four cylinder engine to generate an output around 200 horsepower. Prius used to have a CVT, but for a TRD version, we anticipate to have an automatic transmission with paddle shifters to get the desired output.

Advance features

Keeping the advanced suite of driver assist technology featured in the new Prius we can expect the boosted variant to get the same features. Some of 2018 Toyota Prius TRD features should include:
• Lane Departure Alert
• Pre Collision System
• Brake Assist feature
• Automatic High beam facility
• Built-in camera.

Price and Release date

It’s too early to predict the price of the 2018 Prius TRD, but we can expect it to be priced between the Prius base model which cost around 23.000 dollars and Prius Prime costing about 29,000 dollars. So, buyers can expect the cost around 27,000 dollars. The release date has not been finalized by the Company.

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