2018 Toyota FT-AC Concept

Personal comfort and luxury during driving are what everybody seems to be looking for on various media platforms. The kind of car you drive daily to access various places determines whether you have the comfort or not. This car will ensure that you have a new experience in a world of driving. The 2018 Toyota FT-AC Concept is the perfect answer for you. Let’s see what this model offers you.

Images credit: Toyota
2018 Toyota FT-AC Concept front

2018 Toyota FT-AC Concept Exterior Design

AT a single look, you are just lured with these unique features that make you feel already in. The striking mix of Prospect Green with Fortress Gray color makes the model look amazing and stylish. The integrated wide, black front grille with LED headlights and attractive yellow surrounding around lights. The crossover has the latest Fog lights with increased brightness and beautiful design, which helps in heavy conditions like rain and fog. The best thing is that light can be taken off the car, and you can use it ass battery lamp, or you can even put it on your bike, very interesting options. If we look at the bottom of crossover, the skid plates help protect the front and back end during the offroad ride. The extra-wide fender flares provide body shielding.

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Images credit: Toyota

The wide-heavy wheels and beefier all-terrain tires help make the model a high-quality car. The crossover uses 20-inches 5-spoke alloy wheels, with black/chrome combo of colors. In addition, the fantastic tires and high ground clearance provide give you an option of going further with your drive, especially off road. Furthermore, the corners are fitted with the LED marker lights to give the model sufficient lighting. These lights can also act as a flash for the side mirrors’ fitted cameras.
The Infrared camera fittings have the capacity to record the model runs. This is a feature that helps you to investigate all forms of activities either good or bad. During runtime, these cameras can also be removed and used to take your photos for filings.

Images credit: Toyota

Interrior Design

The inner design of the model is to offer you a highly defined operational ease and make you feel like sitting in paradise. The advanced WI-FI hotspot helps to upload your events and photos on your Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter handle. Feels wow! This added feature also download videos or streaming live to keep you entertained.
The dashboard has a unique minimizing design with larger storage spaces. This property gives you a chance to store many things on the dashboard with a little space.

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The interior items are all digital to give you the modern style of operation. Has a smartphone storage dock to keep your expensive phone safe and helps you in navigation.
The cabin is partitioned into three compartments with no carpeting to give you the maximum carrying capacity and making the cabin hose cleaned. Fabrics are made of quality materials to increase its durability.

Images credit: Toyota

The 2018 Toyota FT-AC Concept Engine

An engine is the heartbeat of every car.Engines determine the speed and filling capacity of your car. The Toyota FT-AC Concept 2018 gives you an engine that possesses the following exciting features. Has a petrol powered engine with the integrated torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system? This means these can accommodate all varieties of wheels ranging from tougher wheels down the group.
The engine has a large filling capacity to make your drives extended. No need to carry fuel jerricans around.The auto-cleaning mechanism helps the engine stay clean and durable.

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Price and release date

2018 Toyota FT-AC Concept model is yet to be released officially. The mode of release tells you how good the deal is. Make this dream become a reality by keeping yourself online. The price of this model makes you have a quality luxurious car. The official release was done in Los Angeles November 30th, 2017. For more details and inquiries on pricing, We shall see you very soon.

Images credit: Toyota


Exploring a new world of driving helps you get new experiences in your driving life. FT-AC Concept is here to make you have amazing experiences in your driving life.Connect with us and make your dreams achievable!

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2018 Toyota FT-AC Concept photos

Images credit: Toyota

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