2018 Toyota Century is all luxury

The newest luxury car from Toyota is the awesome 2018 Toyota Century, a little inspiration from Bentley on the outside. With its rounded and elegant edges, anyone with this car would look like a celebrity; actually, the Century has been the choice of many high-profile personalities in Japan, as the Japan Emperor and other dignitaries. We may speculate that this luxurious vehicle will be on the market for a very long time since its previous generations lasted thirty and twenty-one years, so with this third generation may be the same.

Images credit: Toyota
2018 Toyota Century

2018 Toyota Century Exterior

On the outside this 2018 Century is bigger than its previous versions, it measures 5.335 m from nose to tail and is 1.9m wide with a huge wheelbase and it keeps the boxy design from its earlier version. Even though its design looks similar to other luxurious models from Bentley or Lincoln, it has its own style, looking more as a new Century than a copy from other companies, that’s for sure. It has a new crown patterned grille featuring dual structure along with tri projector lamps. Although the design isn’t risky at all, it seems to be the right choice from Toyota, given the success of the Century brand. This new exquisite car is going to be presented at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show this year.

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Images credit: Toyota

Toyota Century 2018 Interior

If you think that the luxurious part on this one is the exterior, wait to see what is the new Toyota Century 2018. On the inside, this vehicle shows why it is only for demanding people, you not only want to be comfortable, you want to feel like a king, and you will feel like it on this one. It has power articulating and massaging rear seats, leg rest, an LCD screen in the back to manipulate the seats, air conditioner, and play some music. For American people, it could be weird to sit on wool upholstery seats, in an elegant vehicle like this, but it is a Japanese touch, Japanese people find it classy, however, a buyer can get leather seats if as per their preference. We don’t know yet who provide the sound system for the new Toyota Century, all we know is that sedan gets the top of the class audio system with 20 speakers, yes 20!

Images credit: Toyota

2018 Toyota Century Interior

If you buy a car like this one, you will probably not drive it, is designed for the passengers. If you want to drive get a Lexus, an Audi, or a Ferrari if you like, this one is to be driven and that’s why it has a writing table, reading light, and a rear-seat entertainment system with a display to enjoy your ride, and curtains to more privacy, not tinted windows, curtains, that’s classier. Up front is pretty classic, nice wood touch on its dashboard, and the sides with wool and a bit of wood too, with a screen in the center, basic controls such as air conditioner, sound system, seats, and other. The clusters are analog but look pretty good is a nice old-school touch.

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Safety features

The 2018 Toyota Century just like other Toyota’s exquisite vehicles features a dynamic suite of driver assist technologies “The Toyota Safety Sense P”. The suite ensures maximum safety of passengers while combining the following top class features.
• Electronic Brake-force Distribution,
• Vehicle Stability Control
• Sway Warning System,
• Rear sonar parking assist,
• Brake Assist and brake override,
• Anti-lock Braking System,
• Smart Stop Technology,
• Traction Control.

Images credit: Toyota


The engine is a novelty; under the hood it has a hybrid 5.0-liter 2UR-FSE V-8 with a two-stage electric motor and a nickel-metal hydride battery, replacing the old the 5.0-liter 1GZ-FE V-12 engine. The engine is powerful and quiet but no more details about the motor yet. Its tires are also designed to reduce road vibration. Passengers can enjoy smooth journey thanks to high rigidity body and the tweaked suspension.

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Price and release date

The price isn’t out yet plus as per news, the car won’t be available in U.S market. However, keeping its previous version prices’ in mind, which was 12.53 million yen, (about $111,300), we can expect price higher than that. The Toyota Century will be released in Japan by the mid of 2018.

2018 Toyota Century photos

Images credit: Toyota

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