2018 Toyota Camry Nascar

The North American International Auto Show in Detroit unveiled 2018 Toyota Camry Nascar which marks the first race car designed by Toyota. One of the representatives of Toyota Motor Sales in the USA revealed that it might break the history of Camry as the most aggressively styled Camry.

The new Camry came as a surprise to many as Toyota kept people guessing and having limited leaks in the past year during its design. Toyota employees also had to sign non-disclosure agreements to keep the process indiscreet. Manufacturers of NASCAR are known to change the look of emerging race cars in a mid to imitate the models sold in showrooms.

Images credit: Toyota Racing
2018 Toyota Camry Nascar

2018 Camry Nascar Interior

The new Nascar Camry is fitted to meet the stylish needs of any race car lover. From baseball leather seats to 3D printed parts all over the car and a larger legroom for the rear seats, the sedan is nothing but comfort when it comes to efficiency. It has different modifications in which many were designed using the 3D printing technology. The interior contains a large full touch display for music control and clear navigation.

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The seats including the body panels are covered in pure tan leather. All the seats feature black and silver colored leather which contain diamond quilted inserts. The interior is slightly bolder compared to the exterior, with an astonishing red upholstery and a trimmed dashboard.

2018 Toyota Camry Nascar Interior


The Toyota Camry’s exterior is nothing but style. It is lower and wider and contains a black body with a polish roof metal finished. Polished metal finish trim is found is also found throughout. The most different visual enhancements are the exotic hood scoop that comes with metallic strakes. TRD exhaust tips, AEM intake, and StopTech brakes are part of the sedan. The LED headlights are made to a more adjustable night mode view. The shape of the headlights features a sporty yet stylish appealing look that is similar to all Camrys.

Camry’s design and elegance are specifically designed to create a sporting feature with its length and trendy wheels. The vehicle comes with custom 10 inches wide Goodyear Race Tires measuring 275mm. When it comes to performance, the Camry does not disappoint as it features an intake and AEM exhaust and so a Tein coilover suspension with STopTech breaks.

2018 Toyota Camry Nascar Engine

The Camry features an estimated V8 engine with a 5.9-liter giving amazing 725 horsepower to the rear wheels using a manual four-speed transmission. Toyota engines are best believed to focus on the utility of the vehicle. The engine of this car size is perhaps the same size as the previous Nascar Camry.


The Camry’s impressive look and performance art piece to fall in love with to anyone who loves sporty cars. The exotic 2018 NASCAR Toyota Camry equally sporty and stylish. It is evident that it is uniquely designed to meet comfort/safety and efficiency with its interior and concentration of handmade leather seats and dashboard. T

2018 Toyota Camry Nascar photos

Images credit: Toyota Racing

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