2018 Toyota C-HR (US) with stronger engine

Toyota has much hope for its US version of the 2018 Toyota C-HR that it will definitely attract customers, both the existing and the prospective buyers in the United States. This is for the reason that the new vehicle has been carved in a stunning way and because of its receptive and attractive hybrid drive, as well. It will be really a cut above model, as it comes with a modern and with an attractive curvy body. The smooth and sophisticated design will make the new model C-HR both energetic and purposeful.

Images credit: Toyota

2018 Toyota C-HR Changes

For the model year 2018, the external design of the new Toyota C-HR 2018 will be unique and attractive(mostly for younger) when compared to that of other standard models from Toyota. It comes with a distinctive snout, which is attached with a set of halogen headlamps with a projector ray that offers an attractive and a luxurious look to the nose. The daylight running lamps will also be designed with the LED expertise to add extra charm to the front part of the new US version of C-HR. As the nose extends from its beautifully carved shoulders to the panels in its front part, the vehicle seems to be wider and have a unique front part when compared to that of the earlier concept model.

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The front part is decorated with the well-known Toyota emblem, which is featured with profound, wavy nature streaks. These lines now flow into the slimmer hub body and beneath its slim windows and the wheels in the back part of the vehicle and concluded at an elevated belt-line and unique C-Pillar with an incorporated doorknob.
The US version C-HR will be sprinted on bigger aluminum alloy wheels of diameter 18 inches, which enhance the charm of the side part, besides offering it a powerful stance.
At the back, it gets the externally projected headlights and the lip spoiler and the practical wing are now mounted on the tailgate. This design offers the rear part of the vehicle, an innovative look with an amazing girth.

Images credit: Toyota

Toyota C-HR 2018 Interior

The 2018 Toyota C-HR (US) will be offered with a revolutionary cabin, meaning that when passengers open the door, they can take pleasure in having a contemporary, roomy, and a well-organized cabin. The is festooned with diamond pronunciations and MeZONE compass reading that allows the driver to drive the vehicle with immense concentration. Additionally, the entire interior space will be wrapped with the softy materials to offer a luxurious look to the cabin. It also comes equipped with the double-zone temperature controls, which carries an attractive diamond design, surrounded speakers. The passengers sitting in the front will have a black headliner to make their ride more comfortable.

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The dashboard is mounted with all vital controls and it comes with a slightly angular design, which offers the driver a more visibility on the road ahead. The cabin has the latest version of the acoustic exhibit with the size of seven inches. This display is now placed in the middle of the dashboard that assists the driver considerably in reducing the movement of his eyes.
In the 2018 C-HR cabin, the multipurpose steering wheel comes wrapped with high-quality leather and its back part comes outfitted with a useful double-ring meter cluster, with a multi-information screen with the size of 4.2 inches. The small steering wheel is designed with the slim silhouette, with a solid middle pad to offer a strong grip to the driver.

Images credit: Toyota

2018 Toyota C-HR interior

2018 Toyota C-HR interior

Each US model of the new model C-HR comes with individual interior features. As a result, the XLE model of the new vehicle comes with standard interior features that include:
 Leather-covered steering wheel.
 Foldable and heated electrically controlled mirrors
 Automatic diffusing back view mirror with a backup camera
 Power controlled brake
 Twin-zone temperature control.

Some of the standard internal features available with the XLE Premium model include all the features of the XLE model, plus:
 Blind spot screen.
 Cross traffic warning at the back.
 Heated seats in the front.
 Electrically controlled lumbar seat for the driver.
 Automatically folding and heated side mirrors in the sides with the projected Toyota C-HR emblem.
 Smart Key with button Start

Both XLE and XLE Premium models are provided with a touchscreen exhibit with the size of seven inches. It comes attached with FM, AM, high definition radio, USB port, Aha app, AUX jack, Bluetooth connectivity, and Voice Recognition feature.
Besides the standard features mentioned above, all trims will have bolstered bucket seats to offer a comfortable and snug ride to its occupants. The new Toyota C-HR 2018 cargo space comes with sufficient storage space and cup holders to keep small items. The cabin also comes outfitted with footwell cabbies fixed beneath the seats in the front, scalloped seat-backs, and a chamfered headliner to generate a roomy backseat atmosphere. The rug, A-pillars, headliner, and the door trim in the cabin are appropriately insulated to offer passengers a vibration-free and noise-free ride. It also comes with 60:40 foldable, flat seats at the back to generate a more cargo space.


Toyota also provides its new C-HR with adequate high-tech safety features to protect both the vehicle and its occupants. First of all there is the Toyota Safety Sense active safety package, the Pre-crash organization with walker discovery function that includes:
 Forward crash alert.
 Automatic crisis braking
 Lane exit warning with steering support utility.
 Automatically elevated rays.
 High-rate active radar travel control.
The new model C-HR is the role model in the class to be equipped with the high-rate active radar travel control as standard.


The 2018 Toyota C-HR (US) is going to get its essential power and torque from a four-cylinder, Valvematic and Variable Valve Timing power unit with the capacity of 2.0 liters. This will offer the vehicle the required power and twist of 144 HP and 140 lbs per foot respectively. The engine will be mated to a CVT gearbox to transmit the entire power to the front wheels. The transmission also reduces the engine noise during different driving conditions. The latest technological feature of the engine allows the new vehicle to offer a smooth performance and an improved fuel economy. Moreover, the catalyst of the engine is sufficiently warmed during the start of the engine to release less CO2 gas.

Images credit: Toyota

The new vehicle will be offered with the Sports driving mode that not only boosts the responsiveness of the engine throttle because of the mid-engine design, but it also offers better acceleration and fuel saving to the vehicle.

Base price and the date of release

The 2018 Toyota C-HR is expected to be available for sale during the spring of 2017, but the price has not yet announced by Toyota.
Source: Toyota USA Newsroom

2018 Toyota C-HR pictures

Images credit: Toyota

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