2017 Toyota i-TRIL Concept

The most recent model from Toyota is definitely the vehicle for the next generations. This future car is a small(compact) vehicle, and we can expect Active Lean technology available. It will be called 2017 Toyota i-TRIL Concept, and its official debut was at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. According to Company, the resulting i-TRIL concept will represent an alternative to EV products, A and B segment cars, motorcycles as well. This strange model designed in order to help people and to be more than a mere commodity. The exterior design will be so futuristic. Actually, it looks like just like the prediction of future cars in old movies. Furthermore, it is actually designed thanks to the European Union studies of the future towns, and those studies suggested that the future models should be small and easy for driving.

Images credit: Toyota

2017 Toyota i-TRIL Concept Exterior design

As we already say, the exterior design of the anticipated model will be nicely designed and we can expect quite a small model with the cabin capable of accommodating up to three passengers. It is constructed from extremely light materials, and we can expect total weight of just 600 kg. Speaking of dimensions, this model will have a length of 2,830, and a height of 1,460 mm. Also, the car will feature 1,200 mm front and 600 mm rear track widths.

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Visually, this model looks nice, and the wheels will have so attractive design. Also, the front wheels will be quite large. According to Company, i-TRIL Concept will ride on Goodyear 19 inch front and 20 inch rear tires. Furthermore, the future model will provide large glass at the front side, and the road vision will be very good. The front fenders and wheels will be separated from the main body shell. The doors of this model will be very big, and we can expect butterfly-openings. Just on the end of glass at the front side, we can see small Toyota emblem. Also, the headlights and the taillights will almost certainly use some new lighting technology.

Images credit: Toyota

Toyota i-TRIL Concept 2017 Interior design

The interior design of the forthcoming model will be just like the exterior design – very futuristic. With the one-plus-two seating layout, the newer model will redefine spaciousness and interior space. Thanks to the Active Lean technology, the passengers on the rear bench will have the bigger impact on the driving, besides driver. Also, for example, the children will be very close to their mother and father. Of course, the drivers will have their space, and children or other passengers at the rear can’t interrupt them. As we mentioned before, there will large windshield and the visibility will be very good. Also, the mirrors on the doors are very large, so you will be able to see everything.

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Furthermore, the headrest of the front seats will be fixed to the roof. When it comes to materials inside the cabin, everything is fitted with premium materials. For example, we can anticipate Alcantara trim, floor with the wood finish as well as leather rear bench seat upholstery. Thanks to that fact, the comfort inside the cabin is very good, and all passengers can enjoy the pleasant ride. This model also provides a lot of safety and high-tech features. Autonomous driving is one of the available systems of course.

Images credit: Toyota

2017 Toyota i-TRIL Concept interior

Engine and Performance

Considering the fact that the upcoming model is predicted (does not necessarily mean) for single and also a sophisticated female in the age between 30-50 year, that most likely lives in small or medium town. The power-train of this model doesn’t have to be something amazing or strong. The vehicle will be powered by an electric motor power. According to Company, this vehicle will have more than 200 km driving range between the charges. As soon as Toyota announce more pieces of information about the battery and other details of the powertrain, we will update this review, and let you know.

Images credit: Toyota

Price and Release date

This model makes its debut at the Geneva Auto Show this year, but we don’t know when we can expect it on the dealerships. Speaking of prices, Toyota didn’t announce official info.

2017 Toyota i-TRIL Concept images

Images credit: Toyota

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