2017 Toyota Hilux Tonka concept

Those who like toy trucks and always dreamed of driving it in their childhood can now make their dream come true with the 2017 Toyota Hilux Tonka Concept. Yes! The Tonka toy truck has now become a reality. Toyota Australia has its 80 years and Tonka its 70th year of existence. To mark their birthdays, both have collaborated to create a unique Hilux pickup truck, which is designed as an adult version of a toy Tonka truck. Just like the toy version, the grown-up model is also coated with the same yellow paint along with the bold black graphics on it.

Images credit: Toyota

2017 Toyota Hilux Tonka concept Exterior

The exterior of the giant version is as bold and muscular as its name. It is 6 inches taller than a regular Hilux. The steel bumper is reshaped to give maximum access to the tires for climbing and looks aggressive and ready to face the off-road obstacles. The engine oil pan and underneath parts are protected through thick under-body skid plates. The rear is also upgraded with carbon fiber tailgate along with the air vents and the spoiler. And that’s not enough, you can even find an ax, a fire extinguisher, and shovels fitted in the truck along with the high lift jacks and tubular frame for placing the fuel cans. What more do you need? Tonka Concept will be running on 17 inches wheel with Toyo Open Country MT 35 inches tires. The tires are housed by wide wheel arches to protect the body from mud and rocks. The taillights are upgraded and have two vents for the air flow. There are plenty of LED headlights to light up the truck during off-road journeys.

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Images credit: Toyota

Toyota Hilux Tonka concept 2017 Interior

The cabin has not received any update. The interior is based on Toyota’s famous pickup truck Double Cab SR5 trim level. The truck can have leather upholstered seats or leather accented cloth seats. The gauge cluster has a TFT display to show statistics to the driver. The truck is also upgraded with Toyota’s Touchscreen Entune Infotainment System providing enhanced connectivity, navigation and technology to the driver.

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Images credit: Toyota


The new 2017 Toyota Tonka Concept is powered by the 2.8-liter turbo diesel four-cylinder engine. It is the same engine used in the SR5 Production truck. This powerful engine delivers 174 horsepower and torque of 310 pound-feet. It provides both six-speed auto and manual transmission. The driver can also choose to send power to the front wheels via two speed, part-time transfer case when necessary. The suspension design is revised, however, it’s an off-road truck and to handle the pounding, the suspension is tweaked through beefier shock absorbs. For ground clearance, special Portal hubs have been utilized in the truck. These hubs provide further clearance between the ground and the lower control arm while moving the wheels’ center beneath the axle’s center-line.

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Images credit: Toyota

Price and Release Date

The fans of the Tonka Truck will be sad to hear this that Toyota has not planned for production and selling of 2017 Toyota Hilux Tonka Concept. It will only be premiering at different auto shows and expos, so the fans can see this truck only on such occasions.

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Images credit: Toyota

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