2017 Lexus LS plus Concept will be ready in 3 years

Being a concept vehicle that takes on the future impression of the LS, this Lexus LS plus Concept gives a more distinguishing expression as a vessel and gives the direction of the coming generation of Lexus design. Interestingly, this LS plus Concept comes with a state-of-the-art technology and portrays the future snapshot of the LS flagship sedan.
The concept was designed as a model that indicates Lexus’ planing as seen with its advanced styling and top-notch automated driving technologies.

Image credit: Lexus
Lexus LS plus Concept

Lexus LS plus Concept Interior

Although its production is expected in 2020, the interior of the 2017 Lexus LS plus concept is a “hart and soul” from Japanese design. The interior is anticipated to have;
– Wood trimming on the dashboard and its doors complimenting its stylish interior design,
– A full leather interior that matches up the wood trimming,
– Infrared back-passenger sensor,
– A climate concierge that automatically detects the temperature of different climate zones and regulates the ventilation system,
– the temperature of the rear and front seats and steering wheel separately.
This gets every zone its present comfort level as fast as it can. Furthermore, it simply means every passenger on board gets their preferred personalized comfort with the push of a button.

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Image credit: Lexus

Lexus LS+ Concept Exterior

This stylish and flashy four door LS+ has 5 seats which make its length and trunk size similar to the usual LS design but offers comfort and design. The LS+ is expected to have ultralights technology. This guarantees both a clearer illumination and the right step to enhancing road safety to road users. Side cameras will also be in use in place of the usual mirrors in the production stage.

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Nothing attracts a car lover like the wheels of the car, and Lexus knows best when it comes to the wheels. The 2017 Lexus LS+ Concept will be fitted with 22-inch wheels with colorful rims large enough to represent a sports car but flashy enough to represent the class. It’s different from the 20-inch wheels of the current LS. In addition, it also contains famous spindle front grille that comes with shutters that are mechanized, they open and close when it’s needed.

Image credit: Lexus


This car is considered to focus more on automated driving which ensures a better approach and coordination of the driver.
There has been much speculation about its horsepower but amazingly, this LS+ concept is expected to have nothing less than a 350 horsepower(its expected to be a 354-horsepower) drivetrain from around LS500h translating to about a 3.5 liters V-6 gasoline engine. This stylish sedan could also be all electric with a data tech system for controls and also revamp an autonomous driving technology.

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Besides style, everyone prefers a fast moving car that could accelerate at no time literally and Lexus knows best when it comes to speed and acceleration. With the output being rated at 354 horsepower, the LS+ is boosted to dash from 0 to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds.

Conclusion, Release date

Its always fascinating every time Lexus releases a new concept vehicle. Its no doubt that its one of the flashiest vehicles that will be awaited in 2020. There have been questions if the future LS plus could have a gas engine as compared to the all-electric that everyone anticipates but I’d say the Lexus team will have to surprise us on that, but this is certainly a car worth checking out for.

Lexus LS plus Concept photos

Image credit: Lexus

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