2016 / 2017 Toyota Venza Facelift, News

The 2017 Toyota Venza crossover has been designed as a perfect family vehicle where it has been provided with a variant of features to make sure that the users are safe, comfortable and secure. This 2017 new model Venza has a refreshed look, which is exemplified by a variety of external features that make this medium-sized wagon appear ideal for the modern families. The interior of the new vehicle has been offered with special importance where all of its occupants will be capable of sitting comfortably.

The vehicle has been equipped with a powerful engine to offer higher performance and fuel competence. This engine would deliver the new model Venza with sufficient power and would make the vehicle to consume less fuel, as well. Toyota introduces its next-gen Venza in three models namely Limited, LE and XLE.

Images credit: Toyota
2017 Toyota Venza front

2017 Toyota Venza Changes, Exterior

The external styling concept is derived from that of the FT-SX 2005, so the vehicle is expected to come with an elegant and modern look. The major features of its body have been prepared by making use of frivolous, but strong materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber. This has played a vital role in dipping the net weight to increase its fuel competence and the skill to move faster. The general look of the body appears slimmer, although it has been set with some large exterior elements.

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The front part of the new Venza comes with a redesigned chrome coated grille that is involved in making the vehicle appear aggressive. The new vehicle has also been set with recently designed gigantic bumper, which is helpful in protecting the different outside front elements and making the vehicle appear powerful. The headlamps feature an innovative design that they look slimmer and more aggressive. They also come outfitted with contemporary LED bulbs that are more efficient and consume less power.

At the rear, the new model Venza is endowed with stylish taillights that have been redesigned to make them more noticeable. The vehicle has outfitted with a panoramic roof that plays a vital role in making it appear more modern. The 2017 Venza sprints on big alloy wheels that make it appear elegant while improving the driving dynamics simultaneously. Towing capacity will be 1,134 Kg (2,500 lb).

Images credit: Toyota
2017 Toyota Venza side

2017 Toyota Venza Interior

The next generation Toyota Venza features a comfortable interior that comes with a range of safety features, as well. The seats are wrapped with leather and there is even space for a kid’s seat to make the vehicle appropriate for a family. The seats in the five-traveler vehicle are large and outfitted with safety belts to make certain that everyone is safe and comfortable. The dashboard inside the cabin is simpler and more interactive with different features being set in a neater way.

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The vehicle has been set with an innovative climate regulator that can be attuned to set the inside temperatures at the favorite levels. The infotainment system has been updated, as well, to provide the occupants with the higher quality of amusement. There are also adequate airbags and numerous connection possibilities on the interior.

Images credit: Toyota
2017 Toyota Venza interior


There 2017 Venza comes outfitted with 2 engines such that the first mill will be a standard four-cylinder engine with the capacity of 2.7 liters. This engine is capable of generating an utmost power of 182 horses @ 5,800 Rpm and an utmost torque of 182 Mm or 247 lbs per foot 4,200 Rpm.
The second powertrain that would power the new vehicle is a 3.5-liter engine with V6 configuration. This is capable of producing the uppermost power of 268 ponies @ 6,200 Rpm and 334 Nm or 246 lbs per foot @ 4,700 Rpm of uppermost torque.

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Both 2017 Toyota Venza engines will be combined with a six drive automatic transmission that is available with the rear wheel drive mode. This engine has a qualified high fuel cut back to make the 2017 model Venza perfect for the current market. It also has the ability to speed up the vehicle within a short time, making the new Venza appropriate for people who love velocity.

Images credit: Toyota
2017 Toyota Venza rear

Release Date And The Price

All models of the 2017 Toyota Venza release date is likely to be during the second half of 2016 with a base cost tag of $ 30,400. At the end question over the Internet was is Venza disconnected from further manufacturing? Officially it is not.

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Update: The latest news is that 2017 Toyota Venza is discontinued, we assume that slow sale could be the major reason. The manufacturer did not give us the explanation for such drastic move.

New Toyota Venza 2017 Photos

Images credit: Toyota

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